2nd Saturday Tournament

Our Quads draw players from all across the Delaware Valley, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.

2nd Saturday Quads

Quads: 3RR, G70;d/5. EF: $30 cash on site; winner $100. Reg. ends 9AM Rd 9:30, 12:30,3.

Scholastic Swiss

Scholastic 4SS K-12 Open, K-8 U1100, K-6 U800, K-3 U500 G/40;d5, EF $10 rec'd by Thurs. before, $25 on site. Reg. ends 9AM. Rd 1 10AM then asap.

National Chess Day

We've hosted and run some of the largest attended US Chess offical National Chess Day tournaments in the country!

Other Events

We've hosted multiple day tournaments, Invitational Blitz, to Club Championships.

View our US Chess tournament history. Click here

Why MasterMinds Tournaments

Hosting US Chess rated tournaments since 2001 and monthly Quads since 2003.

  • Players from across the Delaware Valley, NJ DE, and MD
  • Training ground for State and National tournaments
  • Tournaments are rated the same day

What You Get

A family and friendly chess community for young and older players!

  • Timely run events
  • Young players growing next to more experinced players
  • Provide chess equipment for our Scholastic Swiss tournaments